Sunday, April 30, 2006

Who would have thought the skies would openup, hands would come down and grab the brains from my computer and pull them out, leaving nothing but an empty shell.
Well that's about what happened to me last week. Now I called the Geek Squad at Best buy but they want more money just to look at it than I want to spend on my next car. So I asked around and found that alot of people around here conmsider themselves to be "computer Illiterate" Now just to clarify, I have at times used that phrase myself. I mean i didn't know what to do when my PC decided it didnt like me anymore and wouldnt work. But when you hear so many people using the same phrase over and over again, it made me think, if you don't know something, your stupid about that something. I can honestly say i am stupid about a whole slew of things, car repair, home repair, anything mechanical, plumbing.

If you don't understand computers, then you are stupid about computers. You're not bloody well "computer illiterate". It's a copout phrase, and the only reason to use a copout phrase is to attempt to delude other people and/or yourself. Admit it; you're stupid about computers. It's not a stigma, it's an admission, and it's a positive thing. It means "I don't know this", which shouldn't be seen as a negative, but as a positive. It's not a void, it's a void ready to be filled with knowledge.

My husband and myself did go to the "help" section and even though we are stupid about computers, we fixed the problem all by ourselves. So ha.

What's in a size?

So my daughter and I went to see a movie on Friday.
While at the theater, we went to buy popcorn and a coke.
The cashier asked me, "What size drink do you want?"
I said, "Small, please."
He then told me "we only have medium and large."
Wha? Huh? How is that possible?
How the Hell can you have a "medium" if you only have two options?