Thursday, June 13, 2013

Conspiracy Theorists

One of the biggest conspiracy theories out there right now is how the government has patents on marijuana and they KNOW for a fact that is cures cancer but they don't want the general population to know this because there's big money in big pharma while they are trying to come up with cures for diseases. 

I can't even put into words all of the lies being spread about marijuana right now. The conspiracy theories are flying right now about pot curing cancer, pot curing Crohn's disease, and how the government knows all this but won't tell us. 

Great googly moogly man, some might call me a sheep, sheeple, or a follower for believing that tried and tested drugs like radiation, chemo and the other drugs they use to treat cancer actually work. My own mother had cancer and she smoked pot and no I didn't agree with what she did. The pot didn't cure her fact because he cancer was in her throat, I think it actually had a lot to do with her getting throat cancer along with the cigarettes she smoked. She had surgery and then radiation to get rid of her cancer. If she had relied on marijuana to cure her, I'm sure she would ahve died a long time before she did. 

Baby Carrots Are Bad For You
Really? This is what the conspiracy theorists are saying... Manufactured 'baby' carrots are the result of taking all the big ugly and broken carrots they can't put in the package, and grinding them down and processing them into 'baby carrots' and then giving them a bath in chlorine to make them a bright happy orange color. 

My Take: Taken from an article on From digital Journal. Is this dangerous? No. Chlorination is a well-known and well-tested way to disinfect food products. Our tap water is chlorinated as well. I would nevertheless like to issue a warning. When you disinfect something, that means that you kill the bacteria that are present. Chlorine kills bacteria. It can also kill us, or be very bad for us. The bleach you use to clean and disinfect your toilet, contains chlorine. Do not drink it. This will kill you because it is far more concentrated than we can safely ingest. The chlorine in your tap water and in your baby-carrots, presents no danger whatsoever. It is precisely to make the carrots safe that the chlorine is used. 

Just read the article in the link I posted.. it's not as bad as the conspiracy theorists want you to believe. 

Contrails in the Sky
We have been seeing these white cloud like contrails from jets for as long as I can remember and even before I was born. But some people think that the amount of trails that appeared in the sky are the result of aerosol spraying. That they are not trails made up of ice crystals because they don't spread out they way they think they should. There are people out there that believe these contrails are a result of a heavy a metal namely Aluminum as well as other toxic ingredients...this is what is called "Geoengineering". 

Frankly it amazes me what some people come up with when they are looking for conspiracies around every corner.