Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Product Review: Oxbow Essentials Adult Rat Food

For a long time I used a different bagged food for my rats and they would pick and choose what little bits to eat and what to leave behind. So when a friend told me about Oxbow, I figured I would try it. I mixed a little in with the other rat food they were getting to see if they would slowly start eating it and they all did. Now I feed all of them Oxbow and give a little of the other bagged rat food as a treat since it has sunflower and pumpkin seeds in it. But I use the other food as a treat and don't give it to them all the time. 

From everything I have read on their website and from other rat enthusiasts who do reviews of this rat food, Oxbow constantly evaluates their formula to make sure that rats are getting the best possible food to keep them healthy. This rat food always smells fresh when I open the bag and has a pleasant smell to it. 

The best part is unlike Harlan Teklad lab blocks, my rats will actually eat this rat food.