Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Book Review: The Binding by Victoria Clapton


Book Description

Drawn to the city of New Orleans, Sybella Rose seeks answers hidden in mausoleums of lore, and she soon discovers that history and mystery walk together in this world filled with more dead than the living. As this recipe for love and power is revealed, Sybella Rose tastes a bit of rebellion, befriends a lonely ghost, and drowns in the essence of a certain vampire before finally succumbing to her inevitable end.

My Review

Sybella packs up her things and moves to New Orleans. Her father is not happy about it and her brothers are all successful and it didn't seem like they cared about her at all. Once in New Orleans Sybella feels like she is right where she belongs. Meeting Josephine who owns a Voodoo shop and her husband Al who is the chef at Gumbo Gris Gris. She immediately makes friends with these two people and even rents an apartment that's above the voodoo shop and Josephine is her landlord which works out well for all of them. Josephine offers Sybella a job in the voodoo shop and she gets to know her better. 

Right away she meets Demien and she knows there's something off about him, especially when Josephine and Al are warning her to stay away from him. But Sybella feels drawn to him and since he keeps seeking out her company, he must be drawn to her also because he doesn't usually chat people up. 

You know how they say that New Orleans is full or supernatural? Well according to this book, they're right. Expect ghosts, vampires, witches and magic. The Binding ends up being the pull a vampire and human feel for each other. It's so rare it's thought to be a myth even among vampires. 

I do love a romantic vampire story and this one having a very grumpy vampire just made it all the better. This was such a fun read. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.