Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review: Crushables Air Frehseners

Product Description

An innovative air freshener that creates fresher, healthier air instantly with one CRUSH!
100% Pure Essential Oils directly from the plant - No toxic chemicals; No phthalates; No artificial scent.

Instructions: With the fragrance capsule still inserted in its paper packaging, crush the capsule just once in its center to activate and release its fragrance.

Fresh scents last up to: • 30 days in a gym bag • 1-4 days in a car • 2 weeks in a vacuum bag. Varies by exposure to sun, heat, and air flow.

Proudly Made in the USA - 3 Crushables in each package + 3 Bonus samples, one of each of the other 3 scents.

My Review

This product is great for small spaces that need a little freshening scent. Places like cars, closets, gym bags, bathrooms and even trash cans. You just press the product until it pops and hang it where you want it. It gives off a nice scent without you having to do anything more. If you're looking for an innovative and interesting air freshener, this might be it. 

I like all the scents but the relaxing lavender was probably my favorite. Lavender has always been a favorite scent ad I always feel calm and relaxed when I smell it. I put them n every room in my apartment and they've been hanging in there for 3 days and I can still smell them. These are best when used in smaller spaces like closets and bathrooms I found though. 

If you'd like to buy this product yourself, you an find it here

Disclaimer: I was given a free sample of this product for review purposes.