Thursday, July 14, 2022

Book Review: Alpha's Danger by Renee Rose and Lee Savino


Book Description


I am an alpha wolf, one of the youngest in the States. I can pick any she-wolf in the pack for a mate. So why am I sniffing around the sexy human attorney next door? The minute I catch Amber’s sweet scent, my wolf wants to claim her.

Hanging around is a bad idea, but I don’t play by the rules. Amber acts all prim and proper, but she has a secret, too. She may not want her psychic abilities, but they’re a gift.

I should let her go, but the way she fights me only makes me want her more. When she learns what I am, there’s no escape for her. She’s in my world, whether she likes it or not. I need her to use her gifts to help recover my missing sister—and I won’t take no for an answer.

She’s mine now.

Publisher’s Note: Alpha’s Danger is a stand-alone book in the Bad Boy Alpha’s series. HEA guaranteed, no cheating. This book contains a hot, demanding alpha wolf with a penchant for protecting and dominating his female. If such material offends you, do not buy this book.

My Review

When Amber finds out that the three huge, scary looking dudes have moved in to the apartment next to her she's not happy and thinks she might be in danger. So she does the only thing she can, she complains to the person in charge who then tells the guy next door what she said about him. Talk about awkward. But Amber is also attracted to one of the guys and he's made it clear that he's attracted to her too. But she's not going to act on it, is she? Amber also has a secret, she has visions sometimes. She's tried to repress them so she doesn't see some of the awful things that her visions have shown her but that only gives her really bad headaches. 

After Garrett and his friends flirt with Amber in the elevator a little, he's not sure why he's so taken with the little human. He and his friends are werewolves and he's expected to mate with a she-wolf and be in charge of his own pack. He can't do that with a human but that doesn't stop him from being attracted to her. So when he sees her the next time and she's in the middle of an awful migraine, he helps her get back to her apartment and shows her that he's not the scary guy she thinks he is. 

Amber has a vision of him and finds out his secrets. But that puts her in danger and when she almost let's a secret slip to her friend, Garrett insists that she come with him to help find his missing sister, Sedona. Amber isn't happy about it but there's not much she can do to escape three werewolves. The longer Amber and Garrett spend together, the closer they get and the more they want each other. There are some BDSM scenes in this book but they weren't violent and for me just added to the spice of the scene. These two were really good for each other and I was glad to see an HEA at the end of this book. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.