Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stop buying things made in China

There have been so many problems with products made in China and here we go to the store and keep buying the sub-par crap that they make and send to us, but there are many other reasons not to buy the made in china crap they have on our shleves.

Child Labor as well as prison labor which these people who make these things are barley paid a thing to make these products and to use small children to make things is just wrong.

Product safety is the biggest problem we are having with products made in china at this moment. Aquadots was just one product that was made sub par and made kids sick. Do we really want to be buying things that aren't safe and have to worry about our children getting sick or dying because we saw it was cheaper on the shelf of the store and bought it instead of buying something made here in America that might have cost us a few dollars more?

The more we buy from China the more they make and the more jobs right here in america are going overseas. We need to stop complaining when lead is founf in kids toys that were made in china and jsut stop buying anything with a sticker on it that says it was made in china. There are enough things made in america or even other countries that don't use child labor and have sub par products and safety issues that we could as purchasers put a real hurt on the chinese economy if we chose to stop buying their crap.

I don't want to hear about how we could ahve done something earlier but didn't and now people are getting sick because they bought lead stuffed toys, toxic baby food, toxic pet foods, lead based paint was used on childrens toys or the toys are made in such a way they kill kids. Stop buying the stuff we know to be a safety hazard and this kind of thing won't be happeneing. We are letting it happen by buying these made in china prducts.