Monday, March 08, 2010

Awful times? Pessimistic days?

I've been told that I'm pessimistic, negative, see the bad in everything. Yeah, well that may be true to some extent. But different people see things differently. That's just how things work out.

To some people getting a flat tire would be awful, to others it would be a minor inconvenience and to others they would just shrug their shoulds and go about getting a new one without ever thinking about it.

I think it has alot to do with how people think about different situations that come up and how they handle it when their days don't go the way they plan. it also has alot to do with finances. Let's face it, if I had the money to get a tire fixed everytime one went flat, I probably wouldn't let it bother me all that much either. But when you live from paycheck to paycheck and have to wait until you get another paycheck in order to get a new tire or even a used tire, you are going to be stressed out about it.

Yeah, I might see the bad in mos tthings and I might look for the negative in most days but I've come to the realization that bad things are going to happen and it's how we handle these situations that are going to make how we feel about them when they happen.

I like to plan ahead for disasters and when I say disasters I mean all the little annoying things that can happen in our everyday lives, like flat tired, electricity going out, a 12 lb hail stone falling through my roof, a fire happening in my car or home. Yeah, most of these things aren't going to happen but it;s ncie to have a plan for them just in case they do, right?