Friday, October 12, 2012

Freebie Friday

So this past week I entered a blog contest at Like A Bump On A Blog and was a winner of these two full size bottles of Lice Shield Shampoo and Leave in spray. 

Now I was kinda excited because my grandson will be going to school in like 6 But as we all know kids love to bring home things like colds, lice, germs, chickenpox ect from school. So when I heard that this company makes a shampoo that actually repels lice, I was kinda excited about that. 

It's a fact...when I was in 2nd grade my entire class got lice from one of the kids in the class. I remember the hell I went through having my long hair combed and the smell of that medicated shampoo was god awful. So if there's something on the market that can prevent lice from coming home with a kid, I'm all for it.