Thursday, February 07, 2013


I wanted to share some more pictures of my boys with you all. They are getting bigger and they live for such short times, I take many, many pictures so I have a lot to remember them by. This is Bandit, my little food thief. He likes to go around and take everyone's treats. So I make sure that everyone has a treat and then I keep him occupied so they can eat theirs. He's getting better now though. If I put all the treats like carrots on a plate and all the rats are eating, he usually will sit there with them now and eat. When I first got him, he would stash all the carrots in the house and actually take any carrots right from his brother's mouths. 

Fang. That face...he is such a sweetheart. Just wants to be held all the time. I pick him up, sit on the couch and he falls asleep in my arms. He just sits on me all the time. He's not interested in playing or running around, he just wants to cuddle. I've never had a rat before that wanted so much affection and I hope I am giving him enough that he is happy. He seems to be.

Fang, Bandit and Patches. Fang and Patches sleep together all the time. They never fight, they clean each other and when one jumps down to get food, the other comes too. When I take Fang out for cuddles, patches does not like to be held at all so I give him a couple of treats and he seems happy. 

Marbles. My half hairless boy. One of his parents was a hairless rat so he's half hairless and has patches of fur missing. But his fur is super soft and his whiskers are curly. He's still a little shy but super sweet.

Patches. he doesn't mind being petted as long as he's in the cage while you do it. He will not tolerate being picked up and held though, so I pet him in the cage and he is much happier than if I try to pick him up. 

Lucky is getting bigger and I am hoping to introduce him to the big cage with the other 4 boys soon. He's my 3 legged rat that I saved from euthanasia. The pet store was going to put him down because he only has three legs. He is super active, plays with us all the time. Won't sit still most of the time when we have him out.

I finally got a good picture of Lucky's face. His markings are adorable. His missing front leg doesn't slow him down at all. He's got more energy than any rat I've ever had. he's so much fun to play with because he will chase our hands and want us to chase him back.