Thursday, October 11, 2012


I didn't even know what this word, "Manscaping" meant until I watched an episode of Big brother and watched some of the girls Nair off Ian's arm pit hair. The girls thought the au natural look was gross and that he needed a shave under there.

Since when do men shave their underarms?

Then the other day I was watching an episode of Jersey shore with my daughter. Now before you ask, no I do not under any circumstances watch that show myself..*shivers* My daughter wanted to watch it and I just happened to be in the same room. lol

But the thing is one of the guys on the show was shaving his chest. Now when did it become a big no no to have chest hair?

Do men shave their legs too?

When did that start?

I remember a few years ago when the term, "metrosexual" was being used for men who waxed their eyebrows so they wouldn't have that unsightly unibrow. Or the men would go and get a manicure. I think we all like clean nails. But when did it go from having clean clothes and clean nails to, "Oh I think I'll wax all the hair off my testicles today."


I mean seriously, who decided that men and some women should be as hairless as a newborn baby? I can understand the porn stars shaving because really, no one wants to see the 70's style overgrown jungle bush's that people used to sport back then. I little trim is one thing, but to be completely bare?

Were too many people getting pubic hairs stuck between their teeth and becoming embarrassed when someone pointed it out like a little spinach between the teeth?

I happen to like a furry man. I knew a guy who had a thick pelt covering pretty much everything from the neck down and he didn't shave a thing. He did trim his nether regions but just trim. His body hair was so soft, it was like petting a cat. lol

I like seeing a little bit of chest hair on a guy, I think it's sexy. I don't know why some guys are shaving, plucking and waxing areas that men never used to shave, plunk and wax. What's up with that?