Tuesday, May 07, 2013

How To Test Your Blood Sugar

A few years ago I found out I had Hypoglycemia. Which is low blood sugar. It's the opposite of Diabetes which is high blood sugar. I found out when after eating something with a lot of carbs or sugar I would get dizzy, feel really tired and not be able to wake up and get extremely shaky. My doctor gave me several blood tests and found out I had low blood sugar and gave me this test kit to use at home. It comes with a meter, lancet and a few strips. The strips you have to purchase each month. 

The lancet is easier than the ones I first saw. This one you push the end, put it against your finger and press the little yellow button which makes a tiny needle prick your finger so you can get a small blood sample. 

You put the test strip into the meter and put your blood sample onto the test strip and wait for the number to appear.

Mine was a little high that day. The normal range is between 80-120. 

Have you ever used a blood glucose meter?