Saturday, April 17, 2021

Review: Her Vampire Addiction (Midnight Doms book 9) by Tabitha Black


Book Description

I vowed never to love again…

For over 1500 years, I've mostly walked alone. A vampire, a monster in the dark.

Until she walks into my club: a ray of sunshine in the blackest night.

She's blonde. Beautiful. Sassy. Submissive.

And 100% human.

I'm a predator, and she's my perfect prey. I'll have her tied up and quivering as I give her pain and pleasure like she's never felt before.

But I'm not the only monster hunting her. And if I don't take her – claim her – I'll lose her forever...

My Review

After dating Zeke for a short amount of time Sabina dumped him but he's not taking being dumped very well and starts stalking her. After getting into Club Toxic and not having a good time with Ethan, it's Maximus that steps in and saves her from the brutality that Ethan wanted to dish out. 

Maximus was in love a long time ago and because of how he lost her, he decided not to let himself get that close or to love another woman but he feels something for Sabina. 

After getting out of Club Toxic that first night after Ethan acted like a total jerk and Maximus saved her, she comes back to the club the next day to return Maximus's suit jacket to him. They end up getting to know one another better and then heading down to the dungeon to do a scene. We find out pretty quickly that Maximus is a sadist and Sabina is a masochist. She likes the pain that Maximus dishes out so it's all consensual but if this type of storyline makes you uncomfortable, I wouldn't read this book. it was even a bit much for me to read.

While we are watching Sabina and Maximus get to know each other and fall for each other, there's Sabina's ex that won't stop sending her threatening text messages. I like how protective Maximus is of Sabina and how independent she is but at the same time is submissive. It was nice to see how you could be both at the same time. I liked the ending but I would have liked to see a little more into their pasts and get to know them both a little better. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.