Saturday, November 16, 2019

Review: Native Deodorant

A while back I was sent a small sample of this Native Deodorant in Lavender and Rose scent. The sample was small, I pictured it here next to a penny. But it was enough of a sample for me to use it over a week's time so I could give my impression of it. 

Let me first say that the lavender scent is strong, like really strong. I didn't detect any rose at all. If you don't like lavender then this is not the right scent for you. 

I used it like I would normally use a deodorant but I found that it did not keep me from smelling bad. I had to keep re-applying it after about 5 hours. My usual brand I only have to apply once a day. It also didn't keep the wetness from being there like my usual brand does. This would not work for me at all in the Summer heat, not at all. 

After a week, I stopped using it and threw the remainder away because it just didn't work for me. I also have to say that I had to wash my underarms 4 times before the strong lavender scent was gone. That overbearing scent was just too much but even with the scent being so strong it didn't stop that stinky underarm scent from being there as well. It just didn't work as a deodorant.