Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Been Two Years...

It's been two years since my mom passed away. I thought that the pain would subside over time but it doesn't really seem to. Still feels like yesterday. 

Think about you daily and wish you were here with me. 

I Can Finally Spill The Beans!

Back on March 22nd...I won a Kindle Fire 7! I won it from joining in a chat discussion on Discover A New Love and as you can see in the picture or by clicking the link...I won the big prize that day.

It came in the mail just a few days later...Thank you so much Grace Burrowes and Discover A New Love. Now the reason I kept it a secret for so long is because I gave the Kindle to my daughter for her birthday a few days ago and I had to wait until I did that before I said anything about winning it. My daughter has been wanting one for a long time and I couldn't have won this at a better time. 

My daughter got a Kindle fire for her birthday!

She could hardly believe it. lol 

I think this is one of the biggest prizes I've won from a blog contest. Just goes to show that all those hours entering contests and giveaways really does pay off. I win stuff all the time.