Thursday, May 12, 2022

Book Review: The Girl Who Jumped by Matilda Swinney


Book Description

A lifetime of failed relationships. One huge risk. One sexy dominating man. What could go wrong?
Based on true events, after a lifetime of frogs, Tilly sets out to find her own Prince Charming. But there's a catch. She wants her Prince Charming to be the ultimate dominating man.

Not sure if this is possible, she follows her best friends' advice and ditches conventional dating sites for a steamy sex dating website. However, Tilly quickly realises reality is not like the fairy tales. As she battles with her inner feminist will she ever get used to his rules? And more importantly, what is he hiding?

Perfect for fans of steamy romantic comedies, age gaps, the miscommunication trope and elements of BDSM. Prepare to embrace your deepest desires, fall in love with the ultimate dominating guy and learn to listen to your heart along the way.

The Girl Who Jumped is a hilarious, heart-warming and surprisingly moving story of a young woman pulling herself out of her comfort zone to get the life (and sex!) she's always wanted.

My Review

Tilly meets up with her mysterious online dominant after texting back and forth with him for a time. She thinks she might have found the man who will help her live out her fantasy of being dominated after dating a bit and not finding the right guy before this. Her Sir likes to text her and give her orders on what to do, what to wear ect. He's a bit controlling but she likes that. This is the type of relationship she's looking for. 

But as they get to know one another more and spend more and more time together, her friends have some questions about her mystery man which makes Tilly question him and find things out about him that she might not have been ready for. 

I liked this because it was relatable, believable and had a sweet romance once they got through their problems. This isn't just about the D/s relationship or BDSM, it's more about finding love, finding companionship and that one person whom you can call your own and spend your life with. Since this book is based on the author's real life, it was interesting to read it because I felt like I really got to know her better. That's an interesting feeling to have with an author. Not only do we get a look into her relationship but also her life, her past and her dreams. 

I had a good time with this and can recommend it for those who like this kind of story. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.