Sunday, May 18, 2014

21 Pointlessly Gendered Products

Now we've all seen the men and women's this and that even thought it's the same exact product but the girls products are in pink packaging while the boys are in blue. Yeah, it's ridiculous and I fall for it every damn time. Read the article below for a good laugh. The comments made on the products make it all the more funny.

21 pointlessly gendered products

I've done this. I was ordering some more foam ear plugs and they had several colors, blue, yellow, pink, tan ect..but as soon as I saw the pink ones I thought, "Hey, they're pink. And pink is for girls and I'm a girl, so I should get pink." Of course I bought the pink ones.

I bought my grandson some pacifiers when he was a newborn as well as some teething rings and while looking I saw yellow, blue, pink ect. I went right for the blue ones because blue is for boys, right? I mean what would the neighbors say if they saw him sucking on a pink pacifier or teething ring?