Sunday, May 18, 2014

21 Pointlessly Gendered Products

Now we've all seen the men and women's this and that even thought it's the same exact product but the girls products are in pink packaging while the boys are in blue. Yeah, it's ridiculous and I fall for it every damn time. Read the article below for a good laugh. The comments made on the products make it all the more funny.

21 pointlessly gendered products

I've done this. I was ordering some more foam ear plugs and they had several colors, blue, yellow, pink, tan ect..but as soon as I saw the pink ones I thought, "Hey, they're pink. And pink is for girls and I'm a girl, so I should get pink." Of course I bought the pink ones.

I bought my grandson some pacifiers when he was a newborn as well as some teething rings and while looking I saw yellow, blue, pink ect. I went right for the blue ones because blue is for boys, right? I mean what would the neighbors say if they saw him sucking on a pink pacifier or teething ring?


  1. We discussed this at university when we talked about how gender stereotypes are enforced right from birth. It's kind of funny because pink was originally a colour for baby boys (closer to the nice strong, masculine red).

    I liked that list. The toolset made me laugh, I remember being disgusted when I was moving into my own place and someone suggested I get a pink toolkit. My toolkit is black and orange, thank you very much. ;-) And my husband doesn't touch it! I'm responsible for all our DIY, hehe.

    I loved all the comments on the items on the list as well.

  2. lol at the yogurt one

    also Coke Zero is basically diet coke (though tastes much better) for men.

  3. haha I own nothing pink, I'll keep it that way

  4. Click- The pink tool kits crack me up.

    Adam- That's true.

    Pat- lol

  5. Oh my gosh some of those are just so ridiculous. I go for green when shopping but that's just me. Pale pink so not my style. Now hot pink I can make work.

  6. Powerful yogurt... Sure. Just thinking about it makes my abs look like that.

  7. I don't think I am buying that from Pat and his comment. Haha.

    When the twins were young, the girl did not ever like having a binky, but her brother wanted them always. He lost them regularly too, which meant he was soon delving into sisters unused ones--he did not care if they were pink or not. I guess we did not either.

  8. I didn't think that gender specific stuff was around that much these days (especially for older children), but I was shocked when a children's author came to my son's school a few weeks ago.

    He mentioned how his publisher wanted him to write a book in his robot series that girls could read too. (I've read the first one with my son now and don't see how the story isn't gender neutral, but whatever)

    AFTER he wrote, and had the new 'girl book' illustrated, the publisher came back with, "You need to change the pictures so the robot is pink, and the story so she's more girly" What the hell? The original illustration had her has as red/gray with pigtails. :/

    If you're curious here's the one I've read.

  9. See, I like pink and I like blue too. Depending on my mood I'll pick one, and I never think of gender.


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