Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: Bobbi Jean's 2pc Silicone Tong Set and Bonus Silicone Spatula.

Product Description: 
Protect Your Expensive Cookware - Prepare & Server Your Food with Ease

Bobbi Jean's Tongs Set & FREE Bonus Spatula is the perfect addition to your kitchen utensils and here's why:

• Enjoy the sturdy construction of a stainless steel tong with the protection of the silicone heads to prevent scratching and abrasions to your pots & pans
• Use the 9 inch tongs for shorter reach when preparing food. The 12 inch is perfect for deep pots & serving food. The tongs are featured in a dusk grey suitable for any kitchen d├ęcor.
• The FREE BONUS Silicone Spatula with Stainless Steel Handle is featured in a Pea Green. The curve shaped spatula is perfect for blending dishes & scraping bowls when preparing bake goods.
• The tongs are heat resistant up to 480°F. They are perfect for pan searing and deep frying.
• Smooth Locking Mechanism makes storing them in a drawer really simple. The lock doubles as ring for convenient hanging.
• BPA FREE & 100% Food Grade - Prepare your meals safely.
• Peace of Mind with our BOBBI JEAN'S GUARANTEE - If you aren't satisfied for any reason, receive a 100% NO HASSLE REFUND!

My Review: 
I recently bought myself a new set of non-stick pans and wanted to make sure that they stay scratch free and therefore non-stick for as long as possible. So I bought a a wooden spoon and hard plastic spatula at the same time. I've been wanting to try out the silicone coated spoons, spatulas and other cooking utensils as well so I was excited when I was able to get this tong and spatula set at such a great discounted price and try them out. 

I used the silicone coated tongs to cook several pieces of chicken thighs in my frying pan and they worked really well at being easy to use, easy to grip foods and easy to wash off afterwards. The big plus for me was that I didn't have to worry so much about being careful about not scraping the bottom of the pan for fear of scratching the surface because these silicone coated utensils won't scratch my pans. The silicone spatula is great and works really well. It also works well as a large bowl scraper when I made a cake and needed to get the cake batter out of the bowl I had mixed it in.

If you'd like to order this set for yourself, you can do so at Amazon where I ordered mine. 

Disclaimer: I received this product at a deep discount in exchange for my honest review.