Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review: Orblue Bag Heat Sealer

Product Description
Place edge of poly or mylar bag in your sealer and slowly pull the bag through. Magnetic bottom so it easily attaches to refrigerators. 

My Review
If you like chips then you know what a pain it is to roll up the bag and find a clip to seal it. The clips really don't keep air out and they don't stay fresh for long. But with this bag sealer you can squeeze the bag and seal it so that no air gets in. Just hold the bag closed and pull the sealer along the edge of the bag. 

I found it easier to start in the middle and pull it to one side and then back to the other and that seemed to seal it really good. I didn't find that this worked with sandwich bags or the like, it just cut those bags but it works really good on potato chip bags which is why I wanted it in the first place. 

I also really like that it has a magnet on the back so you can keep it right on the refrigerator where you can easily find it. It's nice and small and doesn't take up much room. 

I was able to use this heat sealer right out of the box because it comes with batteries already installed. 

If you'd like to buy one of these heat sealers, you can find it here

I tried this heal sealer out of a few different bags of stuff that I already had. This snack pack was a thicker plastic than a sandwich baggie and I had no problem sealing it.

I cut off the end and slid the heat sealer across the opening and it sealed it right up. 

All sealed up. 

I tried it on a bag of Bugles we had. I had to cut the top off because it was so wrinkled that the heat sealer wouldn't slide across real easily but it sealed this too. 

All sealed up. 

Disclaimer: I got this product at a deep discount in exchange for my honest review.