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Book Review: The Dragon's Fake Mate by Harlow Blaze


Book Description

Marrying her brutal dragon-shifter nemesis is the only way to save her friend.


Starla’s witchcraft hides a terrible secret. 

She’s a rare human able to have shifter children. Her magical disguise is the only thing keeping her from becoming a dragon baby factory. Over her dead body. She has a job. Too many people need her for a stupid destiny to upend her life.

There’s one problem. Her fated mate.

Mars, the dragon shifter’s mercenary, is her own personal demon. Hotter than sin and a stone-cold psychopath, his obsession with her threatens to ruin everything. His presence pushes her magic to its limits. If he gets too close, he’ll see the truth.

But when Starla’s friend goes missing, keeping Mars away isn’t an option anymore. There’s only one way to pull off an undercover rescue mission.  A fake honeymoon with the husband from hell. 


The witch is hiding something. 

Mars doesn’t know what, but he feels it in his bones. It draws him to her no matter how much he fights, driving him to the brink of madness. He can’t eat, can’t sleep—he even risks losing his position in his clan.  Forcing Starla to marry him is an unorthodox solution, but he’s always been a problem solver. It’s damn hard to escape an interrogation while holding hands and sharing a bed. 

But the more wedding rituals he drags Starla through, the harder it is to remember that she’s the cause of all his problems. Her sweet scent and feisty temper make him dream of getting his fake wife real pregnant. Mars won’t let his strange new emotions interfere. The honeymoon isn’t ending until he gets what he wants more than anything.

The truth. And revenge.

My Review

Starla is a powerful witch who owns a club and gives women a place to work and stay when they need help. But most don't realize that her club is where she's most powerful. She knows Mars watches her from the darkness and she knows why but she keeps him at arms length because she doesn't want to get involved with a dragon shifter. 

Mars is a powerful dragon shifter who has been pretty much stalking Starla because even though he isn't able to feel emotions like others, he feels something for her. He thinks she put a curse on him and that's why he's obsessed with her but that's not it and she's hiding a secret. 

These two get thrown together when Ruby, a dragon shifting princess is kidnapped and her brother the king needs their help to get her back. Mars is tasked with rescuing Ruby and Starla, being a powerful witch is there to help him. But their forced proximity is wreaking havoc with walls that Starla has put up to keep her feelings about Mars from showing and the secret she's been hiding is about to burst free, literally. 

I've been reading this book from the start and I've been waiting for their book because I wanted to know what was stopping Starla from falling for Mars. This was such a good book and I'm so happy that we finally have their book and more info on Starla because she was such a mystery. 

I can't recommend this series enough, especially if you like dragons shifters, great world building and paranormal romance.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC copy of this book via BookSprout but all thoughts and opinions are my own.