Saturday, December 08, 2012

Why I don't Go To The Theatre

I know there are some good movies out right now and I do want to see the latest Twilight movie but I will be waiting until it comes out On Demand so I can watch it in the comfort of my own living room.


Because I don't like sitting in a theater with a bunch of rude people and that's what usually ends up happening. Some teenager or kid will be kicking the back of my chair, while others are crunching and munching open mouth style on their popcorn and nachos. And there will invariable be a few people who have their cell phones on and the lights will be visible throughout the theater.

Yeah, so I'll wait until it comes out On Demand and I can order it for $5.99 and not have to pay another $8.00 for a popcorn and $4.00 for a small coke. I'll have some coffee and a donut and watch my sparkly vampires and anyone who doesn't like the movie can bite me. lol