Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pet Bunny: General Information

*Thumper, the bunny we found in an alley and took in until we could find him a forever home*

As with any pet you should know a lot about them before you adopt one. Adopting a pet, any pet before knowing how to care for them in never a good idea.

Where and when to adopt a bunny
Although there are many pet stores that sell pet bunnies, this is not the ideal place to find your furry friend. Some pet stores will sell ill or unfriendly bunnies that haven't been handled much.

The best places to adopt bunnies are shelters that may euthanize the animals if they are not adopted, so you would be saving his life. There are also bunny rescue groups that always have bunnies for adoption. One such rescue group is the House Rabbit Society.

Your veterinarian's office is another place you can look to see if they know of any bunnies that might need a good home. The Humane Society is another great place to find adoptable bunnies that need a forever home.

Do bunnies need vaccinations?
Bunnies do not need vaccinations like a dog or cat would, but they do get sick and can get ill very quickly so they should see a veterinarian who specializes in 'exotics' once a year.

Rabbits should be spayed or neutered, not just to cut down on the numbers of unwanted and abandoned bunnies. But being neutered or spayed will cut down aggressive behavior and will also help keep male rabbits from mounting and humping you, the dog, the cat, and your friends. Well you get the idea.

Teeth Trimming
Rabbit's teeth constantly grow and can sometimes be misaligned as they grow out. In such cases your veterinarian will have to clip your rabbit's teeth so they can eat properly. If your rabbit is constantly drooling or stops eating, this is a pretty good sign there might be something wrong with its teeth and should be looked at by a vet.

Rabbits shed their hair very often so along with feeding and keeping the cage clean you should also set aside time to groom your rabbit. Rabbits clean themselves just like cats do. They will lick and ingest their hair, but unlike cats they cannot vomit up their hairballs. It's very important to make sure your rabbit has access to plenty of fresh hay everyday. The hay will help the hair pass through the digestive system. You should groom your rabbit with a brush or comb everyday to keep the amount of hair he ingests minimal.

If you follow these simple steps you should have a happy, healthy rabbit for years.