Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Book Review: Holiday Rescue by Rebecca Zanetti

Book Description

An Albertini Family Romance Novella!

Danger Blows in for the Holidays

Quint Albertini likes his life as a smokejumper and search and rescue expert. He has his dog, his friends, and his freedom. He’s had it with women who can’t commit or who want him to change, and now all he has to do is dodge the family match-makers so he can live his peaceful life when he’s not leaping head first into danger.

When Heather Davis gets trapped on a mountain during a wild winter storm, her carefully laid plans of safety and security go right out the snow filled window. Her saviors, dog and man, quickly capture her heart, even though she’s trying to remain under the radar from a disastrous past that seems to keep coming for her.

While Quint and Heather try to ignore the blazing hot attraction between them, the Albertini family has no intention of letting a possible romance fizzle out—especially during the magical holiday season.

My Review

Heather is stuck on a mountain after going up there to scatter a relatives ashes. But she hurt her ankle and can't get back down without help. In comes Quint, a search and rescue expert and a smokejumper. Heather finds Quint entirely too hot and things get even hotter when she has to be strapped into his coat so she can hang on to the back of him and he gets down the mountain. I found that entire scene hilarious. I can't even imagine having to be that close to some incredibly hot guy in a situation like that. So this starts off really good as you can tell. 

Quint finds Heather incredibly cute and takes her home from the hospital since she can't walk very well on her crutches. Since they are in a small town, Quint's grandmother ends up in Heather's hospital room to bring her cookies and find out if she's single. I love his family, they are hilarious. Then Quint's other family members show up to help Heather unpack at her house and they don't take no for an answer. All the while his family are working behind the scenes to get these two together. There's just one or two problems. Heather has a stalker and he won't leave her alone. But he's not the only person trying to get between these two and the danger quickly ratchets up in a bad way. But Quint and his family, even his grandmother help out to stop the danger before anything really bad can happen. It was quite the twist to see who all was trying to throw a monkey wrench in their budding relationship. 

This was such a fun book. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.