Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Book Review: The Texts Before We Met by Matilda Swinney


Book Description

Tilly dreams of becoming an oscar winning actress. She also dreams of something far less family-friendly. She has always longed to be dominated. During an acting course in Brighton, she decides to embrace her desires and makes a risky decision. She agrees to meet the stranger she has been talking to online for a mere few weeks.

As the acting course progresses and Tilly begins to make friends, her texts with her online mystery man accelerate too. She worries whether she has made the right decision. Should she listen to her heart’s desire or pay attention to the warning signs? Is she in over her head?

On the day they are due to meet, she races to the five star London hotel her date has arranged. She's running late, but she's ready to finally find out who he is. Will he live up to her expectations and be the sexy dominating guy she has always wanted.

My Review

Tilly wants to be an actor so she's taking a course to make her dreams come true. But she's also talking to a guy online that seems to have the Dom qualities she's looking for. Their texts back and forth make her feel more and more comfortable as well as excited to finally meet him. It was obvious during watching her through her acting course that Tilly was a very nervous person and had some anxiety. It made her so much more likable to me since I have the same type of personality. 

Tilly did the sensible thing and told her friend Amelia that she was meeting a stranger from the internet and where she would be. They had a code that Tilly could text her in case she ran into trouble so that Amelia could send help to her. Not that Tilly really thought that her dominating, dream date was dangerous or anything but you can't be too careful. 

This book is the prequel to, The Girl Who Jumped. It was only 58 pages long but we get to read the texts between Tilly and her online stranger before they meet at the hotel. It was a fun read and made me look forward to reading the book where they meet in person.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.