Sunday, June 29, 2014

Scribbles Had An Eye Allergy

A couple of weeks ago the winds picked up around here and had all of us sneezing and our eyes watering. Even one of my rats seemed to have an allergic reaction to all the dust and allergens in the air. Both of his eyes got a porphyrin gunk around them but I could see there were no cuts and it wasn't inflamed or hurt and there was no pus or infection. So I washed his face off, and changed his bedding, hoping that would help with any dust of allergens.

His other eye started to heal up and stop producing so much porphyrin right away.

But his other eye kept getting a build up around it for a couple of days and he would let me take a wet paper towel and wash it off. because he has white fur around his eyes, the fur got stained from the porphyrin and it looked like it was worst than it was.

But after a few days, I didn't have to clean as much off because he didn't have that much on his face or around his eye and he started to look much better. It's mostly cleared up now and I think he liked it when I cleaned his face because he'd lay his head down and just let me wipe off his face and then lick all over my hands. "You cleaned me, now I'll clean you." lol 

Scribbles is feeling much better now.