Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekly Rat Facts: Re-Homing

Lucky sitting on the couch watching tv with me. 

Re-homing an animal can sometimes be necessary but sometimes it's just an excuse to get rid of a pet you no longer want. 

My Thoughts
Re-homing can be necessary if a family member passes away and they have an animal. You can either take the animal and give it a home or find a suitable home for it. In that circumstance I can understand re-homing an animal. 

What I cannot understand are people who come up with excuses to get rid of pets because they just don't want them anymore or have become bored with them. Once you bring home a pet, that animal is yours! They rely on you for everything and you should not adopt an animal if you aren't prepared to keep it for their entire lives. 

Recently I read a discussion where a person was trying to find a new home for her 2 year old rats because she was pregnant and didn't think she would have enough time for her new baby and the rats. Really? I mean, really? If you had another child would you be looking for a new home for her because the new baby was going to take up too much of your time? No, of course not. It was a total cop out. I sure hope this woman doesn't have any other responsibilities because she might not have enough time to do them due to having a newborn. People have dogs, cats and goldfish and newborns all the time and you don't see them getting rid of their pets. Unless they are a little stupid that is. 

This type of thing makes me so mad. I read another discussion where a couple was moving into another apartment and the new apartment wouldn't allow them to have their 6 rats. So they gave them away. If you're already moving, why not find a pet friendly apartment complex instead of moving into one that won't allow you to bring your furry friends. I know when I move, I will not move into an apartment complex that won't allow me to bring my rats. There are plenty of pet friendly apartment complexes but to give away animals that you took in and supposedly cared for because you are too lazy to look for a pet friendly apartment is beyond callous. 

The fact is, some people see animals not as pets but as disposable entertainment and that's just sad. I cannot tell you how many hamsters I took in back before I started having rats. Back when my daughter was in elementary school the neighborhood had a lot of kids with hamsters as pets. I took in 5 hamsters, a bunny and then my first rat from people who no longer wanted their pets. Most times the kids weren't interested in taking care of the pets any longer and the parents never wanted them in the first place so when they found out I would take them in, they brought them to me. 

We found a home for the bunny after realizing that my daughter was allergic to the little guy and I do advocate taking in animals with the sole purpose of finding a forever home for them. It's better than sending them off to the shelter where they may or may not find a home. I would have kept the bunny if we hadn't been able to find a home for him.

 It's ridiculous to think that you're going to get your 5 year old a hamster, rat, or dog and they are going to take care of that animal all by themselves. If you're not willing to take care of the animal you get for your child if that child becomes bored with it, don't get them one.