Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Las Vegas Weather in August

August started out pretty nice. It was hot between 100-114F but it was really sunny. This sunrise picture was taken at 5;30am. Falcor got me up early that day but I got a nice picture out of it. These mountains are East of me.

You can see the mountains even with the big clouds that way. I like the clouds because they usually mean rain. And we did get a little rain.

The mountains are really clear to see on nice days like this one. These mountains are West of me.

And then we had a lot of haze and smoke from the California wildfires. You couldn't see the mountains at all. This is taken in the same direction as the last picture but the mountains are not visible at all. 

The sun was even blocked out from all the smoke for a couple of days.

And then we got rain clouds again. I love these overcast, cloudy days.

It was pretty dark for a few days. We had 3 days of rain which was nice. You can see the sound wall in the background. Directly on the other side of that wall is the freeway. The wall was built to keep us safe from the speeding cars and to keep the sound from from the cars from bothering us too much. The wall is 16 feet high.

The clouds just looked so cool. 

One morning it was actually a little foggy up by the mountains. 

Another morning the smoke from the California wild fires blew into town again and the sun looked red in the sky as it was rising for the day.

And for anyone who doesn't know this yet, I live in Las Vegas.