Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Red Star World Wear Scam

I recently saw a gift card in my Outside magazine, for $500 worth of free merchandise from Redstarworldwear.com

I looked over their site and soon realized that this merchandise which is mostly sunglasses and watches was not going to be free with this gift card. There is a 'service' [shipping and handling fee] of 9% per item. That's right 9% per item! So if I bought $500 worth of sunglasses from the site I would be paying about $50 just for shipping and handling. Don't waste your money on sunglasses that you could buy for $10 on the street or someplace else and get ripped off by shipping and handling fee's that cost you more than the glasses are actually worth.

If someone wants to offer you a free product, the shipping and handling will be free to. Or at the very least the 'gift card' they are supposedly giving you will also pay for the shipping and handling....which this one does NOT!

Bottom line...It's not free. Save your money and go to the drug store and buy a pair of sun glasses you can try on beforehand and make sure you like them. Don't get scammed by sites that are going to over charge you on the shipping and handling fee's for things that wouldn't never cost as much as they are charging.