Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Book Review: Her Fated Vampire by Gina Kincade


Book Description

There's no such thing as real vampires... right?

Carly Henderson thought attending a posh party at the home of her best friend's boss would be the same boring Halloween it had been for several years past. The last thing she expects is to spend the night in an old crumbling castle.

Can Carly accept the spooky secrets within the castle walls when a dashing man in a vampire costume proves true that some things are not always as they seem?
Will this be one steamy night she will never forget?

My Review

Carly is talked into going to a Halloween party with her best friends at her friend's boss's house. She figures she'll stay for a bit and leave when she is bored. But when she meets Dominic who is the son of the friend's boss and he invites her back to his room, she figures what the heck and decides to have some fun. But Dominic is into BDSM and he's a vampire. She goes with him to a sound proof room where none of her friends know here she is and just trusts this stranger which I thought was dumb on her part. But the danger might be part of the fun for her, who knows. 

Dominic really likes her though and she feels something for him which is normal for a fated mates story so I just went with it. 

This was a short, interesting vampire romance and it had a great ending so it was worth the read. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.