Thursday, October 01, 2015

Why Does Dawn Dish Liquid Make My Sponge Stink?

I had been using Palmolive and before you ask why I didn't just use the dishwasher...I am the dishwasher. My apartment complex is too damn cheap to have dishwashers in the apartments. 

Anyway, I had been using Palmolive and I received a coupon for $1 off of Dawn so we tried it. I like that it cuts grease better and that I don't have to use as much to get my dishes clean but it leaves my sponges with a really rank odor even after the first time I use it. I've tried washing my sponge out really well after doing the dishes, I tried boiling the sponge, microwaving the sponge and even using a new sponge each week. It doesn't matter what I do, Dawn leaves my sponges and dish cloths with a musty, moldy smell after using it with them. No other dish washing liquid does this to my sponges.

So I left a question on the Dawn FB page and this was their response. 

I know I'm not the only one who has had this question because I "Googled" the question and there are a lot of blog posts, articles and forums about this so it's not just me. I may have to use a different dish liquid now.

Do you use Dawn? Have you noticed this?