Thursday, June 20, 2024

Book Review: Planet Mail by Kate Pearce


Book Description

As far as job hazards go, Douglass Fraser didn’t think crash-landing on an alien planet and spending her recuperation being erotically pleasured by three gorgeous men was in the United Planetary Parcel Service’s courier handbook. There certainly wasn’t a section on what to do when a very sexy king wants you to have his baby and save his world.

Marcus Blood Axe isn’t only a descendant of ancient Viking space travelers, he’s also a ruler dealing with a shortage of fertile women and no heir. Surely the gods are on his side when Douglass drops out of the sky and into his bed, giving him a last chance to stop his people’s death spiral into extinction.

Despite the exquisite pleasures to be found in the king’s arms, Douglass wants more from Marcus than to be his broodmare. When another woman claims to be pregnant with Marcus’ child, it’s past time to get back home. Now the war Marcus wages is one of sensual passion designed to convince his Earth woman that she’s worth everything to him…even if it means giving up what he cherishes most.

My Review

Douglass works as a courier between planets. Like a mail person but takes a space ship to different planets to deliver mail. Douglass's space ship crash lands on an alien world that doesn't have a lot of contact with other planets. They find her, drug her and she is pleasured by several men, getting her ready for the King who wants her as his consort. I was so not ok with this at all. But Douglass doesn't even bat an eyelash at it all and even decides to just go with it. Nothing wrong with taking pleasure from several men and the King. What? 

The men are sweet, not gonna lie about that. They want to make her happy and hope that she stays on their planet if they can find a way to contact her home world. The King was a little more gruff to begin with but he quickly came around and we see his more romantic side. 

These people are pretty much dying out because there's a shortage of fertile women and baby's are not being born. But to drug a woman who crashes on your planet and hope that he accepts the things that have happened to her while she was pretty much unconscious is just not right even if she doesn't seem to have a problem with any of it. 

The story was actually good, the writing was great and these characters are very likable so I did enjoy this book even with the problems I had with how Douglass was treated at first. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.