Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Book Review: Demon King by Elizabeth Briggs


Book Description

I made a deal with the devil. Now he claims I'm his fated mate.

When my best friend goes missing in Las Vegas, there’s only one man I can turn to for help. Lucas Ifer. Billionaire playboy. CEO of Abaddon Inc. King of Sin City. And…the devil himself? Lucas—aka Lucifer—agrees to help me, but in exchange he wants one thing: me.

He’s dark, dangerous, and wickedly handsome. Oh, and evil incarnate. I should say no, but I can’t. I’m that desperate. But when you make a deal with the devil, there's no escaping it. Now he owns my body for seven nights of sin. Even worse, he says I'm his fated mate and that we have a past stretching back through time—but I don't remember any of it.

I’m Persephone being claimed by Hades, and I have no choice but to enter his underworld and become his dark queen. Is there any light left in that black heart? Or will his darkness consume me?

Demon King is a sinfully sexy Hades and Persephone story with a Lucifer twist. This is book 1 in the Claimed By Lucifer trilogy - a complete series.

My Review

Hannah travels to Las Vegas to get the help of Lucas Ifer (Lucifer) to help find her best friend, Brandy who disappeared in one of his hotels and is now missing. But there's a always a price for his help and his price to help Hannah find her friend is to stay with him for seven days. Hannah gladly takes the deal even though she's not sure what he plans to do with her. But to her surprise, he just spends time with her and buys her clothes, food and takes her out to nice places. I love that this story is set in Las Vegas where I live. 

Hannah isn't sure what Luc is playing at by being so nice to her and not forcing her into his bed but she made a deal and is sticking with it so long as he keeps having his people searching her Brandy. Along the way Hannah learns that Luc is really the devil, the real Lucifer, king of hell and all of "his people" are actually demons or other paranormals that follow him. 

So many secrets come out about Hannah and who she really is as Luc tries to win over her heart. But even though she falls for him, she can see that he is powerful and sometimes has to do things that shock her. He's Lucifer after all. But by the end of this I was rooting for them to be together and then this ended on a small cliffhanger. But at the end of the book there is the first chapter for the next book in the series and that small cliffhanger is filled in, so just keep reading is my advice to you. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.