Saturday, July 02, 2016

Amazon Beauty Box Review

I'm really liking the Amazon Beauty boxes so I bought another one. This time it's the Women's Skin & Oral Care Beauty Sample Box ($14.99 credit with purchase). 

In this was was...

L'Oreal Paris Eye Cream, Facial Oil, and Face/Neck/Chest Balm (0.5 oz); Neutrogena Facial Cleanser (0.5 oz); Aveeno Tone Corrector (1.1 oz); Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion (2.7 oz); Garnier Daily Moisturizer (1 oz); CeraVe Face Sunscreen (0.17 oz); CeraVe Healing Ointment (0.085 oz); Crest Whitestrip (1 count); Crest Whitening Toothpaste (0.85 oz); DenTek Floss Picks, Tongue Cleaner, and Interdental Brush (1 kit)

I've tried everything in this kit, either when I received it in this box or from previous samples that I've received and I really like everything with the exception of the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. I've tried it a few times and to me it seems to leave a sticky film on my skin after rinsing it off. But I like everything else in this box. 

As I've said before, they send you back the money you spend on the boxes in the form of a credit towards the purchase of something else. With the credit I bought Nivea Care and Vanilla Moisturizing Body Wash 16.9 oz (Pack of 3). So for me this box was well worth the money for what I got in the box and for what I spend the credit on. So if you've been thinking about buying one of the boxes on Amazon but haven't done it yet, as you can see from this post, it's really a great deal.