Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Christmas Decorations and my Christmas Elf

This is my tree. 4 years ago I accidentally lost all of my ornaments, they mistakenly got thrown away the year before. I had posted what happened on FB and some of my blogger and FB friends sent me new ornaments. Then I bought a few each year as well and my daughter put some of hers on after she put her tree up.  

My daughter also has a tree and ornaments so she set her tree up too. 

This is on the shelf in the corner. I made the stuffed snowmen heads hanging on either side and the tiny Christmas trees on the shelves. 

Here's a better picture of one of them. 

Those tiny Christmas tree's are made out of pine cones, small terracotta pots, glue, beads and paint.

This red berry wreath is hanging over the door.

My daughter made this wreath for the door.

The snowmen with light up noses are on my refrigerator with my rat magnets.

My daughter and I made these sea shell angels back when she was a kid. Probably 15 years ago.

These are puppies in Christmas baskets next to the candy bowls.

Santa and a Christmas angel looking over a little Christmas town.

Here's a better look at what's on the table.

The shelves between the living room and kitchen have Christmas stuff all over them.

Snowman candy basket.

My daughter gave one of the spice racks a Christmas upgrade with some candy cane garland.

The living room wall has a bunch of stockings hung on it. 

My daughter also decorated the living room window. But several strands of lights weren't working so she ended up using a different color lights on one end. lol 

These little Christmas tree's are what's down on the bottom of the window. 

And this is what it looks like lit up. It's colorful. lol 

My daughter bought Falcor a little Elf shirt and hat. He doesn't mind the shirt but won't leave the hat on for more than 5 seconds.

But I was able to snap a couple of pictures when I bribed him with a treat.

He got tired of taking pictures and yawned. But this blooper picture was just too funny not to include.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?