Saturday, October 03, 2015

Review: Japan Candy Box

I was trying to think of a good add on gift for my daughter and son in law for Christmas and saw a youtube review one of my friends posted about this Japan Candy Box. I thought this would be a great add on gift for my son in laws Christmas basket because he likes pretty much anything Japan related, Anime and he loves all kinds of candy. So perfect fit, right? Yeah, not so much. Let me tell you why....

I bought the 3 month subscription box so I'll be getting 1 box a month for the next three months. I figured that I would have enough candy to put some in both my daughter's Christmas basket and my son in laws basket and have a quite a bit to test out myself. So I prepaid for three boxes...a total of $59.70 and while the price is a little steep, I figured that it might be worth it to get something unique for the Christmas baskets. Update: I also won a box so I'll be getting 4 boxes to try out.

As you can see, there really isn't a lot in the box...not enough to make it worth the $20 fee for each box. So I figured, maybe it tastes really good, really unique. Maybe it's the bomb! And that would make it worth getting, so I sampled a few pieces of this candy and not only are the packages small but the candy just isn't good. Some of it reminded me of that soapy taste I would get in my mouth when my mom washed my mouth out with soap as a kid for cussing.

With all the high praise and great reviews I've seen for this candy subscription box, I just don't understand how I am finding it to be lacking, big time. I'm not going to cancel my 3 box subscription or ask for my money back because I'm really hoping the next two boxes are much better. Plus I have a feeling that since my son in law likes Japanese and Anime stuff so much that even if he doesn't like the candy, he'll appreciate the thought that went into this add on gift.

I sampled a few pieces and this was actually the only one that I liked. I was a watermelon gummi candy.

So while I don't think this is worth the $20 price tag per box, I do think that it makes for an interesting conversation piece or a nice add on gift for someone who would be interested in having something that came from Japan. 

I give this Japan Candy Box 2 out of 5 stars.