Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Book Review: Forked Tongues Are Fun by Holly Ryan


Book Description

Dragon shifters have a horrific habit of kidnapping human children to sacrifice to their goddess.

They miscalculated when they took expert thief Yara Parmstone’s little brother, though. Now, Yara is out for revenge—after she finds the final key that will allow her to save him.

But the three scorching hot, mysterious men who hold that key have a message for Yara—the dragon goddess has something important in store for her.

Too bad it’s not as fun as a forked dragon tongue.

Soon, Yara’s racing against time to steal back her brother before his fate—and hers—are sealed.

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My Review

Yara's little brother was kidnapped by dragon shifters and they are planning on sacrificing him to their goddess soon along with other children. Yara hates the dragon shifters and she has every right to, they do things like this and have very little regard for humans. So she's been sent to a certain address to find something that will let her save her brother but she has to steal something in order to save him which will not be easy. 

Yara shows up on the doorstep of a house that has three dragon shifters living in it and she has to steal something from them but she has something that will help her. Too bad for her that same substance that was supposed to help her, got on her skin and has turned her into a sex-starved woman willing to sleep with the very dragon shifters she hates. But these three guys are not as bad as she thought they would be. In fact they are nice and keeps telling her that she might be their next queen. They are even willing to help her save her brother but before they can go anywhere the guys are kidnapped and she's left for dead. Good thing she's made of stronger stuff some of the dragon shifters think she is. So when she shows up and rescues her three dragon shifters, the other dragon shifters are shocked to find that the goddess they worship has appointed a human as their next queen. All kinds of chaos ensues after that but I really liked this story. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.