Saturday, June 15, 2019

Review: The BEARly Tamed Grizzly by Jenika Snow

Book Description


I didn’t know her, what she looked like, where she was, but I knew my mate was out there. And it was that truth that had me saving myself for her. Only her. If I couldn’t fully give myself over to my fated mate, what kind of worthy male was I?

But staying in town, hidden deep within the forest, wouldn’t bring my mate to me. I had to go and find her.
I had to make her mine.


As a former foster child, I never had real family, no roots. I’d always felt like something was missing, so I worked hard on helping others. My mobile medical van was where my passion lay. It’s how I made sure no one else felt helpless.

But when my van was broken into, and my safety compromised, it was a big bear shifting male who came to the rescue.

Oli said I was his. He claimed I was his mate. He seemed certain of it just by looking at me. It was insanity, but I couldn’t deny the pull I felt for him, the way my body craved his.

Pushing him away wasn’t an option, not when he was always there, watching me, making sure I was protected. And it was that need inside of me, the one that grew and consumed me, that finally had me giving in.
I soon realized being mated to a bear shifter meant he was grumpy, protective, possessive, and wanted only one thing. 


My Review

Oli was having a hard time because both of his brothers had found their mates and he still hadn't. He decides to take things into his own hands and go looking for her. 

India is a nurse who has a mobile medical van and helps people who are in need.

Oli felt like something was about to happen but he didn't know what, didn't know when, he just had a strange feeling a few times. He finally put it together that the mobile medical van had been around when he had the strongest strange feelings so this time when he spotted it he went to it. That's when he realized it had just been burglarized and India was inside having just been attacked. They don't meet under the greatest of circumstances but she needed help and he was there to do what he could. 

When he realizes he just found his mate he does what he can to keep his grizzly from coming out and scaring her even more. She's not sure what the heck is going on but she feels better with him there. 

It almost seemed like it was a sort of intuition that made a shifter or their mate go in a certain way or stop in a certain place in this trilogy or at least it seemed that way to me. They always seem to go to the right place to find their mates which was fun. 

Watching these two get to know one another and get closer was fun. They are so good together and it was a great story and ending to the trilogy that I've really enjoyed. I like the little look at the end of each of these books where we get to see a little while in the future and how they're doing. This was a great novella and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.