Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Review: Stone Lover by Emma Alisyn

Book Description

Either she cures the Prince, or she is sold in marriage to a warrior she doesn’t love….

Brilliant scientist Surah, the half-human daughter of a royal concubine, endured the scorn of the gargoyle court growing up. She doesn’t care- the only warrior who matters is Malin, and she will cure his genetic disease if it kills her.

It very well may. Enemies at court threaten her life to stop her research- enemies who don’t want Prince Malin to reclaim his throne, or to see her as his mate and Princess. If she fails, he will lose his immortality and be trapped in human form forever… and die.

If she fails, her half-brother will sell her in marriage to the highest bidding warrior. But Malin will kill any warrior in court, winged or no, to prevent them from laying claim to his mate. Especially when she conceives his baby—the true Heir to the gargoyle throne.

This is a steamy paranormal shifter romance featuring hot, winged alpha males and a smart, strong heroine. With a futuristic flair, this is for readers who enjoy urban fantasy, dragon shifters (because hot men with wings are hot men with wings), surprise babies and stories with rich characters, meaningful relationships and plenty of action and adventure.

My Review

Prince Malin is the eldest brother but his brother, Prince Geza was in power because Malin had a genetic defect that was slowly turning him human. A family member, Princess Surah who is half gargoyle and half human is trying to find a cure for Malin but her half brother, Geza is threatening to marry her off to a warrior she doesn't love. Women aren't treated well in gargoyle society so she has little say. So when Malin speaks up and declares his feelings for Surah, there are those that don't like it including Geza. 

There are members of their culture that don't want Malin to be cured because then he could take control back and there are those that want Geza to stay in power. Gargoyles lived among humans and humans knew about them which I found really interesting. Surah isn't a female who is used to being told what to do. She constantly tells her brother, Geza what she's not going to do which I thought was funny. It's obvious that he cares about her in his own way. Geza and Malin are brother's as well but Malin isn't blood related to Surah so there's no reason they can't be together. 

I really liked the politics of this story even though it was confusing at times. There's a lot of drama, backstabbing and a a few interesting twists that made the story really fun. I already like gargoyle stories and this was a fun read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.