Thursday, June 06, 2019

Old Postcards

A while back my dad gave me a couple of postcards that he'd had for a long time. I looked at the postmark on them and two were from 1955 and one was from 1949. They were from my grandparents (dad's parents) and my aunt Zona (grandma's sister). 

The postmark on this one was 1949 and it was from my great aunt Zona to her sister and brother in law (my grandparents). I thought it was kinda cool to have something not only this old but from my great aunt and grandparents.

This one was postmarked 1955 and was from my grandparents to my dad.

This one was also postmarked 1955 and was from my grandparents to my uncle Roy and cousin. 

The front of the postcards has a plane from TWA (Trans World Airlines), a picture of the S.S. W.H. Gordon and a picture of the Arc De Triomphe in Paris. 

I just thought that is was so cool that my dad had kept these three postcards for such a long time and was giving them to me to keep and pass down to my daughter at some point.