Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gerber Graduates: A Healthy, Nutritious Snack for Rats

Rats enjoy many different treats and foods. They will eat just about anything that we eat but that's not always the best thing for them. Some treats are better than other and fatty foods can make them overweight which can lead to health problems.

I used to buy a lot of the rat treats found in places like PetSmart but they can sometimes be expensive and fatty which is not healthy or good for my budget. My new favorite place to find rat treats is in the baby food isle and the organic food section in the grocery store. In both sections you can find dried fruits and and healthy snacks for your pet rats.

Healthy Alternative Treats
Gerber Graduates Banana Cookies are made with real banana puree and banana flakes. My rats love these Banana Cookies as a treat.

Gerber Graduates Fruit and Veggie Melts are made with real fruit and vegetable purees and juices. I used to feed my four rats Yogurt drops from the pet store but they are very fattening and these Veggie Melts are half the price of the Yogurt Drops.

Gerber Graduates Lil Crunchies are made with whole grain corn flour and are a better alternative to things like Cheetos. Gerber Graduates Puffs are a great alternative to sugared dry cereal since they are flavored with fruit puree and fruit juice.

Not only are these alternative treats better for your pet rats, but they will save you money as well. I found some of these for as little as $1.69 which is cheaper than most of the rats treats you'll find in the pet stores.

How Many Treats Should I feed My Pet Rats
Treats should be given daily but should not be more than 10% of their daily diet because most treats are fattening. Giving healthier treats will make sure they don't become overweight and stay as healthy as possible. Small amounts of Fresh fruits and vegetables should also be given to your pet rats daily. But remember to remove any uneaten fresh foods from their cage at night to prevent spoiled foods from being eaten by your rats.

While there are many sources for treats for your rats, in my opinion Gerber Graduates have clearly been made for rats, because on the back of the package it says, "Perfect food for little fingers" and rats do have some of the tiniest fingers you'll ever see.