Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Happy Gotcha Day, Falcor

On this day in 2014 we got Falcor from our apartment manager who was moving and didn't want her 5 month old puppy anymore. Ken already loved the dog and had been asking the manager if he could have the dog for a while because she and her husband weren't treating him well. 

This is the dog pen that Falcor spent his first 5 months in. The manager said he was too hyper to let out so she had him in this all the time. Every time Ken or anyone went into her office, the dog was always in this so when she gave him to us she also gave this dog pen to us and we just used it at night until he was potty trained. He wasn't house trained and had never walked on a leash before we got him. He was scared of everything and we suspect that he was abused since he always acted so scared and would start screaming when he saw a belt, broom or shoe. 

He's a happy dog now and doesn't act the way he did when we first got him. He isn't scared of us anymore and loves going for walks, rides and getting spoiled. He even let me put this bandanna on him...for a minute. 

The looks he gives me are funny. He will just sit and let me takes pictures when he hears the camera come on. As long as he's getting some attention, he's happy.

My daughter took this picture of him. Cracks me up. He likes having his picture taken.

Now he has a bed, blanket, toys and loves to go for walks.

He doesn't even mind wearing his t-shirt. 

Again with the weird looks.

Oh and he had a potato fetish. We have to keep them up away from him or he'll toss them all over the living room.