Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Favorite NYX Products

You guys know that I like to share great products that I find and love. So I was recently looking at these NYX products on my makeup shelf and wondered why I hadn't shared these on my blog yet. I know that I don't do a lot of makeup reviews even though I absolutely love makeup and wear it everyday but when I find something I like, I usually share it. So today is the day...behold the power of NYX. 

If you've never heard of this brand, I can say that I heard about NYX a few years ago when I went looking on Twitter for a good brand of makeup products that don't cost crazy amounts of money because I am not paying $50 or $80 for an eye shadow palette. Not gonna happen. I didn't need to though because NYX has several great small and larger palettes and they are so affordable. Plus their eye shadow goes on really nicely and stays put all day. 

Then I tried the concealer stick that I didn't know I needed and loved it. I use light because I'm a pretty fair complexion and it works well with the foundation I use. It blends well and stays on all day. 

The last two things I wanted to share were the Shine Killer makeup primer and the Matte Finish setting spray. 

I've tried quite a few makeup primers and I like the ones that glide on and feel like a thin film of baby power on your skin. If you put this on under your foundation, it fills in the pores, wrinkles and makes your skin ready to add the foundation. Plus it helps the foundation stay in place and go on evenly. I love this stuff. 

The Matte Finish finishing spray is a spray for your face after you've applied all your makeup. It sets the makeup in place and the matte finish helps keep you from shining from excess oils, longer than you would have without it.

I never used to use a makeup primer or finishing spray years ago until I received samples of them in the mail and loved them. Now I can't imagine not using them every day. 

When I searched out this brand all the different articles and reviewers stated that this makeup will rival the more expensive brands in quality but with better prices. Now I don't know from experience if this stuff is as good as the really expensive makeup brands but everything I've tried has been great so I wanted to share it in case some of you were were looking to update your makeup bags.