Wednesday, January 05, 2011


When did camping become so expensive to do? I remember when I was a kid we would pack the family up in the van with some food for a fire and go camping. We would sleep in the van because back then the vans had beds and tables in them. lol

But now when someone says they are going to go camping or fishing it costs all kinds of money to do so.

They have to buy a large tent and camping gear. Well, camping gear back in the day consisted of a van with a bed in it and some food to roast on the fire...maybe a roll of toilet paper to use behind a bush if you were lucky.

But now they need a tent, sleeping bags, pots and pans for cooking, steaks, cooking utensils -what happened to cooking chicken on a stick you picked from a tree? It was a rotisserie.

Now people want to have a log cabin with running water and heat or air conditioning, a lake to rent a boat and go fishing, need to buy a fishing license and 'good' bait. Can't just go out in the yard and pick out some worms from the garden anymore, no that's not the way to do it now.

The best case scenario is setting up the tent, eat some steaks, try to get some sleep in said tent...not getting any sleep because the ants have invaded the tent so they walk around making crunching noises in the camping area keeping everyone else from sleeping. get up in the morning and make more food, rent a boat to go fishing and catch nothing, then pack up and go home.

I think I'll save my money and stay home in the first place.