Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

Almost two weeks ago my mom fell down in a hole in her yard and broke her leg........again... Hospital Bed

So she's been in the hospital Doctor and now is in rehab getting back on her feet. Crutches . I've been running around paying her bills, and taking care of her dog and being out in this 112 degree heat is killing me. So I started doing alot of stuff at midnight, but my hubby doesn't feel safe having me out at night. I appreciate his worrying but nothing has happened to me, I always park in the light and really close to the door of what ever place I'm going to. He has to remember there are always alot of people out cause this place is a 24 hours town, we don't sleep here. lol
Most people live on coffee. lol So it's not like I'm out there by myself, but I do appreciate him worrying while he's in bed and I'm out doing the shopping. LMAO Good thing the grocery stores never close, huh? Grocery
Anyway, things should get back to normal now that my mom should be going home on friday, but I'll have to be driving her to her doctor visits for the near future, she has to go back to the doctor and get her 47 staples taken out. I saw the staples for the first time today and damn, but it looked like there were alot of them. Ouch! Ouch