Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Review: Daily Goodie Box- February

The Daily Goodie Box has been around since about July of 2016. I signed up for an account right after I heard about them. They are 100% free, you don't even have to pay for shipping. And for a free box it's a nice sampler box of products.

What did I get in this box?

Coco Luxe - Hydration-  I love these coconut water packs. I've received this 2 months in a row and love them. If you've ever had the water in a fresh coconut, that's what this is and it's delicious. 

Flathau’s Fine Foods - Cheese Straws- So the package said these were made with a tiny kiss of chipotle... it must have been a french kiss because they are spicy! My poor sensitive tongue could not take the spice. Otherwise they are flavorful. 

Eco Lips - MONGO KISS™ Lip Balm- I received Vanilla Honey and Yumberry and I love both of them. It smells delicious and works well as a lip balm. I have a very large assortment of lip balms. Can you be a lip balm hoarder because I may need a 12 step program. But these are seriously great. 

Nature Nate's - Raw Unfiltered Honey- So here's when my weirdness comes out to play...I don't like honey because it's essentially bee vomit. Think about it. But I'm not a total wimp so I tasted the honey when my husband used it in his coffee and it tastes like honey, If you like honey, then this is honey. Ken said that he liked it. 

Natralia - Anti-Itch Soothing Cream-  I've used this before, I'm almost out of the other tube of this that I had because it does work to sooth itchy skin. I get prickly heat on my neck during the Summers here in Vegas where it can get to 118F. I've used this for quite a while and think it works really well. And I like that it's a good size package that it comes in so I'm not gonna run out for a while. 

Skinny Crisps - Gourmet Crackers-  I received the Chocolate Mint crackers and they are so good. They taste like pieces of crunchy brownie bites. They are so good and chocolaty. 

Pure LYFT - All Natural Caffeine Powder-  Ken tried this because he drinks more caffeine drinks than I do and he said he did feel a slight caffeine kick to them. He said the flavors are pretty good and would be fine instead of a cup of coffee. 

All they ask you to do is try the products and leave reviews for the products you got in order to be eligible for more Free Goodie Boxes. As you guys already know, I'm a fan of all these types of boxes. I love all the different subscription boxes and it's really nice to be able to try new to me products for free. This is a great box to try for.

Oh and one more thing, if you visit their FB Page, they give away Goodie Boxes to people who interact with their posts. So if you've tried before and weren't able to get a Goodie Box, there's even more ways to get one now.

Have you signed up? Have you received one of these boxes?

I'm a fan of subscription boxes and love trying new products for free so this was a huge hit with me. New products+free box = Fabulous!

Disclosure: I was given and free box in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.