Thursday, November 18, 2021

Night's Bliss by Mary Hughes

Book Description

I could never trust a vampire. Ever. It wasn’t enough that vampires killed my parents and left me for dead. Nope, they also left me with this searing fear of every one of their kind. But when someone I care about grows sick from poison, I have no choice but to infiltrate a Romanian castle filled with pissy, evil vampires in search of the antidote.

And my only saving grace is that for some reason, I can do things other humans can’t.

Unfortunately, I also seem to be the perfect bait for the Vampire King, Kai Elias. More than seven feet of dark, wicked charisma, ancient eyes, and a body that holds more power and raw, animal sexuality than I can resist. But there’s something about Elias that looks painfully, terrifyingly familiar.

Now I am in over my head and my heart. And my only choice is to trust this dark, charismatic creature…or die.

My Review

Rey met Greyson after he had been poisoned by vampires because Lord Umbra wanted to bleed him dry and use his ancient vampire blood to keep himself alive longer. Rey found him and helped him but she thinks he's a human when in reality he's a ten thousand year old, ancient, vampire who had been poisoned and needed her help. Rey fell in love with Greyson in the time they spent together and Greyson fell in love with her but she hates vampires and has no idea he is one. 

Rey goes to Castle Umbra to find the antidote for the poison that he was given and even though she finds a way to smuggle the antidote out of the castle, she is caught by Umbra. Umbra calls himself the Shadow Lord and people fear him. Umbra let's human know that vampires exist and all hell breaks loose. After Greyson gets the antidote and takes it, he remembers that he's actually Elias, an ancient vampire. He's sick with the knowledge because he knows that Rey hates vampires and will be horrified as well as terrified of him because vampires killed her parents when she was a kid and tortured her. 

Elias goes to Castle Umbra to save Rey but instead gets caught in the same cell as Rey and she is horrified that Greyson is now a vampire. As they talk while they're in the cell, she realizes that he's not like the vampires that killed her parents. She doesn't completely trust him but she can see bits of Greyson in him and she loved Greyson. It takes a while but they start to trust one another and make a plan to escape. 

This was such a good vampire romance. I love Greyson/Elias because he's so in love with Rey and so hurt when he thinks she'll never be able to love him as he now is. His heartache was sad to watch but seeing Rey realize that he's a good man was so much fun to watch. Rey was much more than she seemed and had some secrets but she isn't the only one with secrets. I loved the twists this story had, they made the story fun to read. 

I enjoyed this story but at some points during the book I found the story to slow down quite a bit in places but it was enjoyable overall. This is the 3rd book in the series but I didn't feel lost at all. This can definitely be read as a standalone.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC of this book but all thoughts and opinions are my own.