Saturday, May 29, 2021

Book Review: Her Vampire Assassin by Erin St. Charles


Book Description

She saw more than she should…

For more than a millennium, I have roamed the Earth, a lone hunter killing the creatures that murdered my family. 

Until a dark-skinned beauty discovers my sacred mission, but proves impervious to my mind-wiping skills.

Turns out the sassy little human has secrets of her own. Secrets that enable my deadly mission. Secrets that put us both in danger.

When I taste her for the first time, there’s no going back. 

I’m keeping her, and when I’m done with her, I will make her crave my mastery. 

I will make her crave my bite.

My Review

After an attack that left her in the hospital for a few weeks, Luna doesn't like to go out during the day, she feels safer at night. But that's not the only thing that changed about her after the attack, she can now sense when she's approaching a dangerous situation. So when she comes upon Hermod killing a changeling, she's not sure what she just saw but her first instinct is to run.

Hermod has been a vampire for more than an millennium and in that time he's trained to kill the monsters that destroyed his village when he was still a human. He now hunts the changelings that prey on humans. He's not sure what to do when a human catches him killing a changeling and he can't thrall her to forget what she saw.

Hermod's first thought is maybe to just kill Luna since he can't wipe her memory of what happened but he doesn't and that's where this story gets really good. 

Hermod is new in town so of course he's gone to Lucius the vampire king and asked if he can stay temporarily. So He brings Luna back to Club Toxic with him but he doesn't make use of the BDSM dungeon and hasn't been with the willing women that come there. He gets his blood from the bar. He seemed very lonely because he's so focused on hunting the changelings. But no one there knows what he's been doing or even knew that changelings exist. I found this a little far fetched since reading so many books in this series I know that Lucius and Selene would be more than unhappy to have a vampire hunting monsters that they don't even know about in their city. I would have liked to see a little more interaction with Lucius. 

Hermod is sweet, caring and very protective. At first he was all gruff and didn't know what to make of Luna since she talked back and was sarcastic to him and he wasn't used to anyone acting like that towards him. But the more time they spend together, the more he sees how strong and resilient she is and he likes that about her. He wants her to stay with him and help him find the changelings since she seems to be able to find them with her psychic gift but she isn't sure she's up for that.

I loved seeing Slash again, he's the resident tech nerd that has shown up in a couple of books and I hope he gets his own book at some point. He's a fun character. While Hermod isn't as dominant as some of the other Doms in this series he is still a Dom and likes to use a little bondage during their sexy times. But he's one of the sweetest guys this series has produced and I really liked him. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.