Thursday, July 13, 2023

Book Review: Caleb by Summer Stanton


Book Description

Caleb Knightly is a Professional submissive at Carnal Pleasures. After escaping a dangerous situation and reluctantly being turned into a Vampire, he is finally happy with his life. He doesn't need, or want, anything else. Until fate decides to turn his world upside down—again.

Callum Rutters and Eli Dran have been together for an amazing sixty years. They love the time they spend playing together at Carnal Pleasures. Their complex relationship keeps things interesting and they couldn't be happier. Until fate throws them into the path of someone they never knew they needed. Now, they have to convince Caleb that being bonded doesn't mean he'll lose his autonomy. Instead, he'll gain a family, something he thought he lost a long time ago.

Just as the three men are beginning to find their footing and learning how they work as a three, Eli's past returns to haunt him, and fate steps in once more. This time in the form of Lucian Drake, local Pack Alpha. Lucian doesn't know what to make of the threesome, he just knows he wants more with them all, in whatever capacity they'll allow.

However, Eli isn't the only one facing danger and Lucian will have to fight, not just for the three men he is growing to love, but for the Pack he's spent his life building and protecting.

Separately, the four men are vastly different, but together they have something extraordinary. It may not be conventional but it can be all theirs—if they can survive.

My Review

Caleb is a submissive at the BDSM club and when he comes into contact with Eli and Callum they feel a pull of magic and Caleb is informed that it's because he is their mate. He is told he should go home with them because being apart from them now will be tough because of the mate bond and magic. So he really never had a choice and that bothered me. 

This is book 3 of a 4 book series and I should say that I haven't read the other books so I might have been missing a little as I read this. But Caleb isn't sure how to feel at first and I'm glad that Eli and Callum took things slow with him. The thing is after taking things slow, right away they have this big scene with Caleb and while things were consensual, it was weird that they would come on so strong their first time together. So that also bothered me a bit. 

Because it's the magic pulling them all together and not them taking things slow and getting to know each other, I never felt the connection between any of them. It never felt real to me. But these guys are paranormals and so are some of the other characters at the club, we get some witches, vampires and wolf shifters. So that could also account for the unnatural and rushed feelings I kept getting from all of them. 

I liked the danger they found themselves in and the new person that joined them but the romance between all of them just seemed too complicated which stalled the story so many times for me. All in all not a bad story but not a favorite. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.