Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tough To Tame by Diana Palmer

The other day I had a bit of a small rant about some of the reviews on Amazon for this and other Diana Palmer books because a lot of her books follow the same type of theme. I happen to like that, at least I know exactly what I'll be getting when I pick one of her books and I'm glad I ignored the reviews and bought this book, it was great!

Dr. Bentley Rydel is a woman hating, surly veterinarian who has gone through several employee's at his office because of his temper tantrums and Cappie is the newest employee at the office. 

Bentley and Cappie slowly get to know one another and find they have a lot in common and of course it looks like they are going to go forward with their relationship when something from Cappies past comes between them. 

Will they be able to get past it and work things out? 

You'll have to read it and find out for yourself...

Now I love these boss/secretary type stories where the woman is a shy virgin and the boss is some big surly, mean tempered woman hating idiot who falls for the girl by the end of the book. Diana Palmer always gives me what I'm looking for when I want to read this type of story and since I've read so many of her books, I'm already familiar with the other characters in the Jacobsville stories.

The very first romance book I ever read was Once In Paris by Diana Palmer so her books really hold a special place in my heart.